• Fits BMW M3, M6 & M5

• Models: E90 E92 E93 E60 E63 E64

• Lifetime warranty

• Quality Engineered Gears

What are the risks with buying "used but working"

We have repaired actuators with as little as 20K on the clock and just over 2 years old, this means if units are listed on eBay for "BMW M3 Breaking", the chances are even if these are working now, its 99% likely they will fail in a few months.

BE CAREFUL: SCAMMERS: I have personally experienced in just the last few months, several units on eBay being sold as "taken from a write off - Untested" after purchasing these I found it HAD ALREADY gears fitted by a 3rd party and was STILL FAULTY:

ALSO: I have personally experienced units being sold as "Spares or Repair - In need of refurbishment" again on purchasing these units I have found they have ALREADY been refurbished and are still faulty.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Only purchase actuators from ebay with lifetime warranty or are new and not been used.

We will always help our clients and ensure if they used our services, we will have the dreaded limp mode fixed, even if this means swapping the entire actuator with a know tested refurbished unit.

GEAR KITS - Are only preventative and STILL DONT prevent electrical failures. NO amount of gear or Mosfets will fix a actuator that has got a fault.

100% of the time just changing gears alone will NOT resolve the fault as worn gears damage the electronic components.

100% of the time changing the gears and mosfets NOT Resolve electronic failures.

• there is other components that also get damaged with prolonged running with limp mode / faulty units. We upgrade all components on the boards, test the units and return. We can even replace microprocessors.

CHEAP GEAR KITS - will fail within 6 months!


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