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BMW 2796 Fault Code

BMW 2796 Throttle Actuator Test Lower Stop

THIS IS A RED HERRING CODE - This is NOT a Throttle Actuator Failure and is only appearing due to other fault code present. I have seen in 8 years of experience in rebuilding actuators and many clients contacting me with this 2796 code and telling me there actuators have failed.

2796 is NOT a throttle Actuator failure. 2796 is due to another fault code present - fix that other code first and this will most likely go away.

Notice how the fault code 2796 lower test stop dose NOT say bank 1 or bank 2? What bank? There is TWO actuators on these cars and this code don't say what bank! That's because its a misleading code.

Another misleading code is the vacuum break pump booster code. Why? Because sometimes when you get issues with the break pump failure it also throws a Throttle actuator bank 1 code too. how misleading is that!




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